Driver Evaluation Services

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. specializes in community-based occupational therapy (OT) with focus on evaluation and intervention for functional and community mobility skills including driver rehabilitation services. Located in Orlando, Florida our therapists are master clinicians and certified driver rehabilitation specialists.

Florida Services

Education for Therapists

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. offers live and online educational opportunities for those interested in advanced knowledge and skill in the specialty area of driving and community mobility. We provide varying learning options to transition into this exciting practice area as well a place to network and receive mentoring with other practitioners.

Therapist Education

My husband got his license back last week. What a blessing! You are an angel and were a "ray of hope" when we needed it the most. Thank you for your caring spirit – we love you for it! Shirley from Orlando

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Who we are

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. was founded in 1990 as a private practice in occupational therapy. Our therapists have achieved master clinician status among their peers and remain passionate about their work with clients as well as inspiring other therapy practitioners to transition into the specialty field of driver rehabilitation.

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What we do

Whether we are working with a client or teaching an educational workshop, our master clinicians tailor a session or program to respectively meet the needs of the individual person and/or the collective group.

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Who we serve

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. serves a wide range of age and disability groups in Florida through community-based occupational therapy services.

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