Driver Rehabilitation Services in Florida

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc., is a private practice in occupational therapy. We specialize in community-based occupational therapy (OT) services with a focus on providing the functional and community mobility skills needed to drive a vehicle. Our OT practitioners in Orlando are certified driver rehabilitation specialists and can provide a driver evaluation and training services for ages 17 and up and for numerous disability groups.

You gave my son a new life and I can't thank you enough. Maribeth from Florida

Florida Services

Driver Evaluation »

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. offers a comprehensive occupational therapy driving evaluation performed by a Specialist in Driving. The evaluation is broken into two parts, which includes a clinical and if appropriate an in-traffic portion.

Driver Evaluation Requested by MRB »

This section pertains to people who have received a letter from the Florida Medical Review Board (MRB) of the Department of Driver Licensing regarding the status of a driver license.

Senior Driver Evaluation »

Our OT Practitioner Specialists in Driving have the knowledge base to understand the aging process throughout the life span and medical diagnoses and conditions that can affect driving skills. We value the meaning of independence in community mobility for our senior citizens. Our comprehensive evaluation has two parts, which are the clinical evaluation and if appropriate the on-road evaluation.

ADL Home Evaluation »

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. employs occupational therapy practitioners who possess the knowledge and experience to evaluate a person’s ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL) necessary for independence. We complete a physical and functional mobility evaluation and then make recommendations to enhance or improve one’s independence in the home and/or community.

Driver Training »

Driving training is provided by a master clinician and is set up depending on whether the client has had any prior driving experience or not. An evaluation may be used to help determine a person’s mobility prescription, and if necessary, the training will also teach the driver how to use the prescribed adaptive equipment in his or her vehicle.

Driver Education »

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. provides specialized driver education for a variety of ages and disabilities in order to help people become safe, defensive drivers. The service is for new and inexperienced drivers and is provided by an OT practitioner that is a Specialist in Driving. The instructions and teachings are tailored according to the driver’s learning level and style.