Driver Evaluation Requested by MRB

This page is pertinent for persons who have received a letter from the Florida Medical Review Board (MRB) of the Department of Driver Licensing regarding the status of a driver license.

This MRB letter could have been prompted by a recent medical condition, accident or ticket. The letter may indicate that they are requesting a medical examination report completed by a physician. In this case, you will need to have your physician complete and sign this form and mail it back to the MRB.

The MRB letter may indicate that they are requesting a certified driver evaluation by an occupational therapist at a rehabilitation center or program. In this case, you will need to make an appointment with one of the programs on the list that accompanied the MRB letter. We recommend that you act immediately on this letter and contact a program in order to meet their 45 day deadline. Most programs have a busy schedule and you may have to wait two to three weeks for your appointment. If you wait too late, you may miss the MRB’s deadline and your license status could be in jeopardy.

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. is one of the programs on the MRB’s list and can provide a certified driver evaluation. Our program is staffed with occupational therapists that are also certified driver rehabilitation specialists. We require a medical prescription from your physician that states “Medical Approval for a Driver Evaluation.” This can be faxed to our office at 407-426-8690.

In order to be scheduled for an appointment, you must have a valid state driver license, learner’s permit, or temporary driving permit. If your license has already been suspended, you must get the MRB’s approval to obtain a temporary driving permit for the appointment. You may have to have an appointment before the state will issue this temporary permit.

Medicare or private health insurance does not pay for this type of occupational therapy service; therefore, we cannot bill these sources. You will have to pay the charge on the day of service. We will discuss the cost with you when making your appointment.

You will have to come to our office in Orlando for this service. The driver evaluation takes about 2 – 3 hours and is a comprehensive evaluation of your overall functional skills as related to driving. The evaluation will include an interview to learn of your medical and driving history and some clinical testing that is needed to evaluate your physical strength, coordination, vision, reaction time, and memory skills.  If appropriate, the therapist will give you a road test to assess your driving skills in the car and in-traffic. Following the evaluation, the therapist will discuss the results and recommendations with you and your family. A written report will be sent to the MRB and the physician within 7 days. The final decision regarding your driving privilege is solely the MRB’s decision.

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