About Our Company


After 13 years of work experience as an Occupational Therapy Specialist in Driving, Susan Pierce had a strong desire to open a community-based private practice specializing in functional and community mobility services for all ages and disability groups. With the encouragement and assistance of her father, Brooke Pierce, Susan founded Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. in Orlando, FL in 1990. After years of success in Florida, she opened the first franchise office in Indiana in 2009.

Company Mission

Our first mission here at Adaptive Mobility Services is to provide quality occupational therapy services for people with disabilities who require assistance with functional and community mobility. Our company offers unique, specialized services such as driver evaluation, driver rehabilitation, driver education, wheelchair evaluation and home/functional evaluation.

Adaptive Mobility’s second purpose is to mentor therapists who wish to gain knowledge or transition into the specialty field of driver rehabilitation services. Our local mission is to enhance community mobility & independence for people with disabilities. Our global mission is to enhance driving independence and safety in the United States and other countries by increasing the number of occupational therapists specializing in driver rehabilitation.

Our family at Adaptive Mobility Services works hard to achieve these goals through a direct, caring, and understanding approach with clients and a series of professional development courses. This expertise is sought out by countless people, including everyone from counselors and attorneys to nurses and physicians to allied therapists and family members.

Meet the Owners

Susan Pierce and Carol Blackburn are internationally known for their passion for driver rehabilitation services and their commitment to teaching therapists about it. Since 1984, their professional workshops have assisted in educating over 2000 therapists as well as helping them transition into the specialty field of occupational therapy. The unique courses include a blend of classroom instruction, real-life stories of their personal experiences in the field, and hands-on learning opportunities. These proven courses are typically offered twice a year for a total of 9 days.

Susan and Carol are also known for their advanced teaching in the field of driver rehabilitation devoted to van evaluations (5-day course). Due to an increasing demand, a workshop specializing in Bioptic or Low Vision Driving was developed in 2006 by Mary Ellen Keith—who remains the primary instructor for this course today—and Eva Richardville for Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc.

In 2008, Susan Pierce and Carol Blackburn began the development of a new interactive website for offering a variety of education and network opportunities such as online courses, webinars, mentoring and forums. They hope that their legacy is not only the large number of successful drivers on the road with various disabilities, but also the legacy of helping other therapists provide this valuable service to many others around the world.

Susan Pierce & Carol Blackburn, founders of Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc.