Private Consultation for the Driver Rehabilitation Specialist

We're ready to help you through one-on-one consultation with our experts. If you're just beginning to explore the idea of a driving program or have questions after performing some driver evaluations, we know that we can answer your questions or if we don't know the answer, we will find it for you.

On-Site Consultation: We can provide on-site consultation for assisting programs in getting started or in moving through an analysis for updating old, existing program policies, procedures, evaluation techniques and vehicle adaptations. We can even evaluate clients in your own clinic so that you could learn from shadowing us, and we can then observe your abilities in evaluating other clients with feedback and recommendations given. You can obtain further consultation or assistance on individual cases or questions as they arise by purchasing Consultation Key cards or signing up for a webinar.

Telephone consultations are scheduled periodically to offer continued consultation and advice during the process of developing a new program, updating an existing program or developing your evaluation/training skills. These webinars are intended for past workshop participants who need more conversation with experts after the free webinar offered with course registration. You can submit your questions every month and we will collect all of the questions, and email you the dates/times of upcoming webinars where your questions will be answered.

  • Each hour of telephone professional consultation with our therapist is  $150.00, and it is must be scheduled per our therapist’s schedule.
  • In-person consultation is also available but rates/expenses are dependent upon your needs and the time our therapist’s determines will be needed to meet the goals. Expenses are determined per location.
  • For additional info please contact our office at (407) 426-8020
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