Register for Workshop 200: Building Blocks for Becoming a Driver Rehabilitation Therapist

Terms & Conditions

Registration Deadline

Registration for a learning event must be received 15 business days from the start of the event with the exception of a webinar or a symposium. Registration for a webinar must be received 5 business days from the start of the event. There is no registration deadline for a free event. It is the sole discretion of Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. to accept registration outside these parameters.

Requirements for Registration

The target audience and educational level are noted for each learning event. Mandatory prerequisite requirements have been set for SOME select learning events. The requirements will be posted on the selected learning event page on Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. website. The registration requirements must be met before the application/fee is accepted and registration is confirmed. A prerequisite registration example maybe providing proof of educational background or evidence of successful completion of another learning event.

Registration Confirmation

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc will confirm each learner’s successful registration for a learning event by a confirmation letter sent to learner’s choice via mail, fax or email. Register early for our live workshops! There is limited enrollment for some of the live workshops and due to popularity, some of the events fill up several months before the start date. We do not reserve or hold space for any registrant without receipt of the registration requirements listed for each Learning Event. If confirmation is not received in a timely manner or registrant needs to verify available space, please contact us.

Learning Event Materials

Registration to a Learning Event includes any written course materials offered. The materials will be available on-site for any live workshop or available for participant to print before the date of any other learning event.

Requirements for Satisfactory Completion of a Learning Event

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc has established learning outcomes for each learning event that are observable and/or measurable. In each learning event, the learner will be provided ample opportunity to complete each learning outcome. Satisfactory completion of a learning event includes: 1) attendance of the entire learning event and 2) completion of a post-event evaluation.

A certificate of completion with continuing education credit will be issued for any learning event after the learner has satisfied all completion requirements. For each live event, learners must verify their presence by signature on a sign-in and sign-out daily record. If additional requirements must be met for satisfactory completion of a learning event, these will be noted on the registration confirmation letter to the learner and on Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. website.

Learning Event Cancellation

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any learning event with due cause. The registrant will be refunded in full or offered credit for a future learning event. If there is insufficient enrollment for a live learning event with 20 business days prior to its start date, Adaptive Mobility Services reserves the right to cancel the event. All registrants should confirm before purchasing an airline ticket to any live workshop. Adaptive Mobility Services is not responsible for any airline ticket or hotel reservation made in conjuction with a learning event.If a learner must cancel his or her participation in an event, Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc must receive a written notice within 10 business days of the start of the event. A request for credit toward another event may be requested. It is at the sole discretion of Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. to grant a credit or not. We do not accept verbal requests for cancellation. A written request for cancellation and refund must be received by our office through e-mail, fax or letter from the person or entity that paid the registration fee.

A refund will be issued to the person or entity that initially paid the registration fee minus a $75.00 administration fee. There is no refund offered for a learner cancellation received less than 10 business days of the start of the event. No refunds are given for prepaid consultation, webinars or independent distance learning.

Reasonable accommodations

Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with accessibility need in order to enable access to all learning events. Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. will make reasonable efforts to identify and implement reasonable accommodations that will enable the individual learner to perform the essential requirements of the learning activity, unless making accommodations would create an undue hardship on Adaptive Mobility Services. All requests for accommodations must be included in writing with the registration application. Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. must receive the request within one month of the date of the learning event to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be mad and written confirmation provided to the learner.

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. will make every effort to contract with hotels and/or facilities that provide accessible sleeping, meeting room and restroom accommodations. Individuals should make requests for sleeping accommodations directly with the hotel where they are staying.

Disclosure of Proprietary Interests

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. believes that learners have the right to know of any commercial interest that our company or any instructor may have in a product, service or material discussed or mentioned during a learning event. If a disclosure is necessary, an appropriate announcement will be made prior to the learning event.

Learner Records

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. will maintain a complete and secure record of each participant of a learning event for a minimum of seven years. These records will be available to the learner upon request by calling, writing or emailing Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc.’s main office in Orlando, FL. The individual must provide evidence of his or her identity. Adaptive mobility Services, Inc. must receive a $15.00 fee for each request prior to preparing and mailing the duplicate certificate and/or learner record.

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of learner records. Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. does NOT sell, trade or rent personal information to others. Information collected is used to process registrations. Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. may transfer some information to our agents (e.g., Paypal) for purposes such as clearing credit cards, but always under strict confidentiality. The only time we would release person information if if we conclude, in good faith, that it is necessary to comply with legal requirements, to enforce our rights or to protect Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc., our learners or others.

Complaint Resolution

Adaptive Mobility Services, Inc. will make every effort to resolve all complaints to the learner’s satisfaction. The resolution of the complaint will be completed within 30 business days of the receipt of the written complaint.

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